X-Factor - The Sphere of Attraction

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To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person. Relationship is the mirror in which you discover yourself: to be is to be related.

Martial Artist – Philosopher – Innovator – Hollywood Celebrity


X-Factor is the peak frequency of your personal energy: a state of radiance, empathy, and attraction common to many celebrities. It can also be defined as charisma and personal aura. The main purpose of enhancing your aura is to improve your interpersonal skills, both personal and professional. The higher is your X-Factor, the easier is for you to magnetize the right people, events and opportunities in your life.

In this Sphere, you analyze and assimilate the mindsets, approaches, and techniques of celebrities whose personal aura has proven to be successful. As a result, you increase the intensity of your magnetism and ability to develop genuine, rich and productive human relations.

Your X-Factor is the
special attractive something
that makes you unique.
A particular, undefinable trait of your personality that
differentiates yourself from the mass.

Your X-Factor is invisible, impalpable and metaphysical. Still, when you meet a person with a strong X-Factor, you undeniably feel it. You sense energy, attraction, magnetism. In some cases, the X-Factor is so special, so powerful, that a person can fall in love without understanding why; being Love the highest form of attraction.

The X-Factor’s Pyramid

But what creates the X-Factor? What elements constitute your personal aura?

As human energy, the X-Factor cannot be created or destroyed. Everybody has it. Any living human being – and actually every living organism – has a certain rate of electromagnetic energy. You can only let it flow through you, increase, clean, direct and use according to your personality and objectives.

The iconic rap band Black Eyed Peas won six Grammy Awards in 2010 with the album END as the acronym to “Energy Never Ends”. The hyper-creative band’s leader Will.I.AM has been working on this concept since then. And, certainly, his X-Factor is huge…

While the X-Factor is an extremely complex concept, it has an essential structure that can be visualized as follows: