Why ICONS and Celebrities

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XZEN is the ultimate science of human advancement based on the performance of celebrities, icons and ultra-successful people from the Movie, Music, Sports, Fashion and Business industries. XZEN is also a science of reality-creation, as it indicates the strategies, mindsets and tools that you must acquire to advance from “who you are” to “who you want to be”, and from “what you have” to “what you want to have”.

In a world where the 4 forms of traditional leadership – Politics, Religion, School and Family – strive to respond to the needs of modern societies, new role-models have been emerging, particularly in the entertainment, fashion, sports and business industries.

In XZEN, icons and celebrities are defined as individuals who have achieved stellar success in their chosen industries through resolve, training and cultivation of their talents and crafts.

While not all icons and celebrities represent positive role-models, it is obvious that you can learn from them certain qualities – such as assurance, winning mindsets, aura, fitness and personal image – that are essential to triumph in modern societies. These qualities constitute the core of the XZEN 5 Spheres of Success.

5 Sphere Points

On you find a rich portfolio of personal tools – quizzes, courses, audiobooks, blogs and coaching – to enhance and harmonize the 5 elements of this system of success: Confidence, Attraction, Affluence, Health and Beauty.

Train each element daily. Study how your preferred icons and celebrities have developed them in their business and life. Be relentless in developing your self-assurance, happiness, health, beauty and wealth. With appropriate training and dedication, you will be surprised how quickly you can raise the bar of your own personal performance.