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We are always in a process of becoming and nothing is fixed. Have no rigid system in you, and you’ll be flexible to change with the ever changing. Open yourself and flow, my friend. Flow in the total openness of the living moment. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves. Moving, be like water. Still, be like a mirror. Respond like an echo.

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X-Factor is the peak frequency of your personal energy: a state of radiance, empathy, and attraction common to many celebrities. It can also be defined as charisma and personal aura. The main purpose of enhancing your aura is to improve your interpersonal skills, both personal and professional. The higher is your X-Factor, the easier is for you to magnetize the right people, events and opportunities in your life.

In this Sphere, you analyze and assimilate the mindsets, approaches, and techniques of celebrities whose personal aura has proven to be successful. As a result, you increase the intensity of your magnetism and ability to develop genuine, rich and productive human relations.

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The X-Factor’s Pyramid

X-FACTOR PYRAMIDLet’s understand how each element influences your X-Factor, starting from the basis of the pyramid:

Your GENETICS determine the atomic structure of your being and the genomic factors that you inherited from your parents. This reserve of cellular energy is unique to you and can remain constant, deplete or grow throughout your life, depending on how you think, eat, sleep and behave. Top athletes Michael Jordan and Usain Bolt – who are considered the greatest basketball player and sprinter of all times – display an amazing combination of powerful genetics and X-Factor. However, modern sciences like Quantum Physics, Neuroplasticity and Epigenetics teach you how to modify your cellular structure and expand the intensity and quality of your magnetic energy field.

Your CONFIDENCE is one of the most influential elements of your X-Factor Pyramid. As revealed in the X-Self Book “The Sphere of Confidence, your self-esteem is directly proportional to the strength of your belief, vision and communication skills. A truly confident person can engage audiences like a magnet, even if he or she is not exceptionally gifted. Rockstar Jim Jagger and action actors Jason Statham and Vin Diesel seem to owe their popularity more to their charisma, than to their artistic talent.

Your ATTITUDES greatly influence the quality of your X-Factor. Even if you may have excellent genetics, a great mind and a refined style, negative attitudes of arrogance, vanity or disloyalty may undermine the strength of your aura. By contrast, positive attitudes – like sharing and serving others – can significantly intensify your X-Factor. This is why many celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie, Shakira, Bill Gates, and Lionel Messi, engage themselves in philanthropy, either genuinely or as marketing tactics.

The quality of your COMMUNICATIONS – both verbal and non-verbal – significantly influences your personal magnetism. It is rare to see a dumb person with a strong X-Factor. Inversely, if you project intelligence, creativity, knowledge, competence, and success, people, especially smart people, happily gravitate around you. This is well explained in the X-Mind Book “The Sphere of Affluence. Inspirational author Tony Robbins, Virgin founder Richard Branson and Alibaba owner Jack Ma epitomize the relation between intelligence, creativity, X-Factor, and success.

There is little relation between your physical BODY and your X-Factor. Indeed, you can be short or tall, slim or fat, man or woman, without it affecting your personal aura. The best example is Mother Teresa of Calcutta: a thin, extremely fragile woman, but with an extraordinary magnetism.

Your body language also plays a critical role in creating the perception that individuals, groups and large audiences form of yourself. The way you move communicates much more than what you say. How you move your body – by moving, standing or sitting – and how you control the spaces around you communicate how confident, or insecure, you are. This influences more than anything else your X-Factor. You learn about this in the X-FIT Book “The Sphere of Health.

Your STYLE is the least important determinant of your X-Factor. Still, it plays an influential role if you use it wisely. The way you dress and groom, the jewels and accessory that you wear, your hairstyle and makeup, details like your nails and eyebrows should always be authentic and aligned with your personality. The style of pop stars Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj is totally different from the style of businessmen Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos, and this fully reflects the features of their personalities. The way people form perceptions about you is much more subliminal than visual. Therefore, your style has little influence on the degree of attraction or rejection that you have on them. However, it has a significant influence on the way YOU feel – on your self-confidence – and this impacts the aura that you project, as it is explained in the X-Style Book “The Sphere of Beauty.

Finally, the X at the apex of the X-Factor’s Pyramid represents your personality: the amalgam of knowledge and life experiences that is unique to you; the synopsis of all people you have met; all books you have read; all travels you have made; all good and bad happenings that constitute the prism of your existence on this planet. This is the essence of XZEN as articulated in the X-Book “The 5 Spheres of $uccess. Regardless from your current appearance, health, wealth and character, YOU are not less than anybody else. You are the celebrity of your own. Globally or locally. In your industry, community or family. Or just for yourself… This is all the X-Factor is about. Ponder about it deeply.