X-Self – The Sphere of CONFIDENCE

X-Self - The Sphere of Confidence

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All that matters is how you see yourself.

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X-Self is the best version of yourself: you performing with assurance and impact in business and life. X-Self stands for self-confidence – your highest spiritual skill – the way you feel deep inside about yourself. Study how icons and celebrities like Madonna, Cristiano Ronaldo and Leonardo Di Caprio think and perform. Develop an unshakable confidence about your own abilities and success.

X-Self is one of the XZEN 5 Spheres of Success, the other four being: X-Mind, X-Factor, X-FIT and X-Style. You achieve your X-Self by expanding and harmonizing all 5 Spheres of Success in one unique Self. Yourself!

5 Sphere Points

To achieve success – in any field – you require confidence. A lot of confidence. It is impossible to succeed in any realm of life – either personal or professional – without it. There is no human being on this planet who has achieved meaningful results without having confidence in his or her abilities, in any industry: be it business, arts or sports.

But, what is confidence and how you can develop it?

To increase your belief in yourself, you must acquire a specific set of abilities and implement an exact sequence of actions. In fact, when you study icons, celebrities and successful professionals – in the movie, music, sports, fashion and business industries – you realize that they all have four main qualities:

  • A clear vision
  • A precise definition of the goals they want to achieve
  • An unshakable confidence in their capacities
  • Substantial knowledge, skills and dedication to achieve their goals

Some of them are also talented, or particularly attractive, which obviously facilitates their path to success. However, not all of them are especially gifted or beautiful. Madonna, for instance, was not exceptionally talented from a musical viewpoint, or not even good-looking compared to less calibre female singers like Beyonce. However, thanks to her exceptional confidence and aura, she became a record-breaking artist and the undisputed Queen of the Pop. On the other side of the spectrum, Maradona – considered the greatest football player ever – was supremely gifted but lacked the confidence and perseverance to sustain his talent. So, he collapsed in the spiral of drug addiction.

All top athletes – like Golden Ball-winner Cristiano Ronaldo, Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton and #1 tennis player Novak Djokovic – affirm that talent doesn’t guarantee success. They all emphasize that you need to continuously nurture your self-confidence and diligently perfect your skills through hard work and dedication.

This is reiterated by other ultra-successful people, from Steve Jobs to Giorgio Armani and Leonardo Di Caprio.

But before pondering on how these icons have developed an unshakable belief in their capacities, let’s define what confidence exactly is.

The Definition of Confidence

Confidence is your chief spiritual skill as it develops deep inside yourself. From it, you acquire an unwavering belief in your capacities, together with winning mindsets and attitudes of success.

When you develop an intense conviction in yourself, there is no more separation between your, your vision and your reality. You simply assume success before that it happens.

In practice, confidence reveals itself when you decide to believe, deep inside yourself, that you deserve success; that nothing else exists, apart from this profound, unshakable belief in your capacities. If you maintain this attitude – and put 100% effort into everything you do – you will always feel successful, and therefore become successful, even if sometimes you fail, or perceive to have failed. When you are confident about your vision, skills and capacities, failure is always temporary. You see yourself always successful, regardless of the actual outcomes of your undertakings. There is nothing else in your spirit, heart, mind and body and, therefore, in your reality.

But how can you develop such a firm conviction?

Confidence stems from Competence

The first step lies in acquiring total authority for your skills and performance. In other words, in becoming excellent – or possibly the best – at whatever you do.

To achieve this mastership, you must develop an attitude of continuous study, learning, training and perfection of your craft, in any field and industry in which you operate. When you develop such authority, your performance becomes inevitably outstanding, which instinctively boosts your confidence and conviction of success.

In sum, X-Self is all about willpower, confidence and success as your main spiritual skill: the way you see yourself deep inside your inner world.

Ponder about this deeply. It is all success is about.