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X-SELF: Walk Confidently Like a Celebrity
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X-Self is the best version of yourself: you performing with confidence and impact in business and life. You can develop super-confidence and high-productivity by expanding and harmonizing your Spirit, Emotions, Mind, Body and Personal Image in one unique Self. Yourself!

Tom Cruise Princess Caroline of Monaco
Edward Zwick Mike Tyson
Jason Statham Victoria Secret’s Angels
Joan Rivers  Trudi Tapscott


In this course, you study physiology, biomechanics, and psychology of walking; how to improve your body-control in movement; as well as different ways of standing, posing and moving. You watch and learn from models, royals, martial artists and celebrities how to walk – on and off – the red carpet. As a result, you will move with more efficiency, elegance, and drive. Walk confidently towards your success!


  • More elegance in the way you walk
  • Expanded awareness of your body in movement
  • Enhanced energy, balance and efficiency
  • Practical examples from celebrities and other top-performing people
  • Access to the XZEN Personal Coaching Suite

Course Content

Total learning: 13 lessons / 7 quizzes Time: 7 days
  • CLASS 01 - THE WAY YOU WALK  The way you stand, sit and walk reflects your personality more than anything else. Start this unique Course with a premium XZEN Quiz to identify key features of your movement patterns and body posture. 0/1

    • Lecture1.1
  • CLASS 02 - WALKING AWARENESS  Walking elegantly and efficiently can be one of your most powerful tools and a fast way to good health and personal success. Expand your walking awareness to a new level and learn how to move more confidently. 0/2

    • Lecture2.1
    • Quiz2.1
  • CLASS 03 - WALK AND POSE LIKE A MODEL  This Class focuses on the way models, athletes and celebrities walk and pose in public. Here you study the mindsets and training routines of top models trainer Trudi Tapscott and Victoria Secret's Angels. 0/4

    • Lecture3.1
    • Quiz3.1
    • Lecture3.2
    • Quiz3.2
  • CLASS 04 - WALKING WITHOUT FEAR  Enter into the mind of boxing world champion Mike Tyson while he walks towards the ring. Here you also study the confident street-walk of action star Jason Statham in front of paparazzi. 0/3

    • Lecture4.1
    • Lecture4.2
    • Quiz4.1
  • CLASS 05 - WALKING ON THE RED CARPET  This Lecture focuses on the way Hollywood celebrities dress and walk on the red carpet. It also shows how Princess Caroline of Monaco walks and behaves in public. 0/3

    • Lecture5.1
    • Lecture5.2
    • Quiz5.1
  • CLASS 06 - THE PHYSIOLOGY OF WALKING  Here you study how your skeleton, muscles and joints function harmoniously - or disharmoniously - when you walk. By understanding the complexity and magic of the human movement, you can rapidly improve the way you stand and walk. 0/3

    • Lecture6.1
    • Lecture6.2
    • Quiz6.1
  • CLASS 07 - WALK WITH GRACE AND EFFICIENCY  In this Class, you study sophisticated ways of walking. You analyze the legendary Edward Zwick’s movie “The Last Samurai” with Tom Cruise, and explore ancient Eastern arts like Ninjitsu. 0/3

    • Lecture7.1
    • Lecture7.2
    • Quiz7.1
  • CLASS 08 - FINAL ASSESSMENT (XW-101)  Finish this course with a premium assessment of your own way of walking and get a unique XZEN Certificate of Attendance. 0/1

    • Lecture8.1


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