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X-Mind is your capacity to perceive the reality in a broader and deeper way. Through cutting-edge visualizations, affirmations and breathing techniques, you learn to envision your desired reality as a combination of senses, thoughts and emotions. Align your intention and beliefs to manifest your wildest dreams in record time. Learn how to use the Law of Attraction effectively, just like celebrities and other top-achievers do.

Albert Einstein Denzel Washington
Lady Gaga Conor Mc Gregor
Jim Carrey Idris Elba
Will Smith Oprah Winfrey
Anthony Robbins Bob Proctor
Eckart Tolle Wim Hof
Laird Hamilton


This premium XZEN course provides practical tools to craft your desired reality through the creative use of your brain. Based on recent discoveries of Quantum Physics, Neuro-Plasticity and Epigenetics, this course teaches you simple breathing, visualizations and affirmations exercises used by many celebrities from the movie, music, sciences and sports industries. Learn from those who have already attained extraordinary success and shape your reality according to your most ambitious goals.


  1. Increased awareness of the unlimited potential of your mind
  2. How celebrities use visualizations and affirmations to achieve stellar success
  3. Improved ability to direct your intention towards your desired reality
  4. How to use thoughts and breathing to improve your health and wealth
  5. How to access the XZEN Personal Coaching Suite

Course Content

Total learning: 16 lessons / 13 quizzes Time: 7 days
  • CLASS 01 - INTRO-QUIZ - "ARE YOU CREATOR OR SPECTATOR?"  This premium XZEN Quiz helps you understanding if you are a creator or a spectator of your life. In other words, if you are using – consciously or subconsciously - the Law of Attraction to create your own reality, or if you are just passively receiving it. 0/3

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  • CLASS 02 - ALL CELEBRITIES BELIEVE  In this Class, an amazing group of celebrities – from Denzel Washington to Lady Gaga and Conor Mc Gregor – speak about their belief in the Law of Attraction and how they have used it to achieve stellar success. 0/2

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  • CLASS 03 - INTENTION CREATES REALITY   In this Class, movie star Jim Carrey explains how he has used visualization to become a Hollywood star and earn his first $10M. He affirms that that nothing is created without belief and intention. 0/2

  • CLASS 04 - YOUR IMAGINATION IS YOUR BOUNDARY  Here, English actor, music producer and DJ Idris Elba shares his personal experience with the power of the imagination and the role that it plays in limiting or expanding your reality. 0/2

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  • CLASS 05 - THE ALCHEMY OF CREATION  In this Class, movie and music icon Will Smith states that the simple act of “choosing” your destiny activates universal laws that help you achieving your wildest dreams. 0/2

  • CLASS 06 - YOU BECOME WHAT YOU THINK  Here, super-star Oprah Winfrey illustrates the process that led her to trust her intuition and believe in her deepest desires. As a bonus, listen other top motivational speakers - like Dr. Wayne Dyer and Anthony Robbins – reiterating the same concept. 0/2

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  • CLASS 07 - SPEAKING ABS  This premium XZEN exercise teaches you how to strengthen your thoughts and intention when you train, by simply integrating positive affirmations in your regular body routine. 0/2

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  • CLASS 08 - ACTIONS AND REACTIONS  Here, Law of Attraction Guru Bob Proctor and modern Zen philosopher Eckart Tolle explain how your actions and reactions determine your destiny. 0/4

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  • CLASS 09 - RECONNECT WITH YOUR LIZARD BRAIN  Extreme athlete, 26-time world records holder and modern guru Wim Hof presents his revolutionary mind control method. As a bonus, surfing legend Laird Hamilton attests the super-human effectiveness of the Hof’s method. 0/2

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  • CLASS 10 - WATER READS THOUGHTS  In this Class, Japanese quantum scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto explains how your thoughts can alter and programme the molecular structure of the most essential element of life: water. 0/2

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  • CLASS 11 - MIND OVER MATTER  Quantum physics and epigenetics gurus Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton reveal how your thoughts can change your beliefs and the structure of your cells. This can have an amazing impact on your health and daily life. 0/4

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