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I think of myself as a highly sexual creature.

Charlize Theron
Hollywood Actress, Film Producer


X-Style is your optimal personal image. The way you carry yourself confidently, smiling, groomed and well-presented. In this X-Sphere, you learn how to dress and beautify yourself for success, how to purchase the clothes and accessories that let you feel confident and attractive, what colors create a “WoW” effect on you; how and when you should change your look for peak performance in business and society. When you develop your X-Style, your wardrobe, shoes, and jewels are in harmony with your character and persona. You feel your fashion in synch with yourself. As a result, people around you will show more interest and attention towards you, just like a celebrity of your own…

X-STYLE is the ultimate science of personal branding. It crystalizes the strategies, mindsets, and tools used by top performers to attain stellar achievements in the movie, music, sports, fashion and business industries, from Idris Elba to Rihanna, Maria Sharapova, Donatella Versace, and Larry Ellison. Here, you learn to sense your style in relation to your mood; to pay attention to what clothes, shoes and accessories you buy; to combine strategically the different colors that you put on your body – in the office, gym, house, boat or plane – just like Michelangelo would craft his most beautiful painting on your body…

Your X-Style

X-Style is not really about your image, but rather about your emotions.
It expresses the way YOU feel when you dress certain clothes and colors. It communicates the impalpable relation between your personal style and your confidence, health, energy, and human performance.

But X-Style is also about PEOPLE, about everybody who flows in your energy matrix: from your close circle of lovers, family, and friends, to your teammates, clients, tribes and global audiences, depending on the industries you operate in.

The visual energy that you radiate to all these people has a profound impact on the way they perceive and relate to you, both consciously and subconsciously. The manner you dress, groom and embellish yourself, has a much deeper influence on people than you may think. It can really make the difference between your failure and your success in both business and society.

For instance, if you dress fashionably only in one occasion, but without grace and style in all other circumstances, you may give the impression that you want to “show off”, coming through as a person not genuine and, therefore, not trustworthy. This may have a significant impact on a business deal or a sentimental date, where trustworthiness is essential…

In sum, you should always dress what let you feel good. It is that simple.

If you dress a certain color, or a piece of clothing from a famous designer, just because they are “a’ la mode”, but you don’t feel good in it, you will lack confidence in some way. Consequently, your body’s movements will run awkward, and this will be visually or imperceptibly noticed by everybody.

You can often observe this on the red carpet, where you see celebrities dressing the latest in fashion, but only a few come through spontaneous. Have you asked yourself why Charlize Theron and Brad Pitt look sexy whatever they put on…? It is just because they feel like that. It is the energy that they radiate — their X-Style — and that is what everybody feels too.

Your Second Skin …

You must think about your style as if it was your second skin. Literally…
Just imagine: how would you feel if you could change the color of your skin? Whatever it is right now, brighter or darker, it doesn’t matter. Just think: wouldn’t you feel totally different? More or less comfortable? More or less confident? More or less attractive? Maybe, this is the origin of the adage “I don’t feel (myself) in my skin”; and probably this is what Michael Jackson wanted to feel when he chemically changed the color of his skin.

Women’s sensorial perception for personal style is more developed than in men, and it reaches its apex during the teenage. Indeed, you often see young girls changing innumerable times their dress and hairstyle before going to a party or a date. Why? Because that want to feel good, sexy and confident, and they change their look until they finally catch that feeling…

On the other extreme of this emotional range, you find some businessmen who consider style as a distraction. Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg pertain(ed) to that category. But they are the very few who could afford to behave that way. All others who have some sort of PR responsibilities must “use” different styles to influence specific audiences. Even Zuckerberg… In fact, while he may dress jeans and t-shirt in the Facebook HQ, he put on a classy suit and tie when he met Russian President Vladimir Putin and testified in Congress.

XZEN provides you with proven mindsets and techniques used by top performers to move your style from where it is, to where you want it to be. Strive to look every day better in some ways, to both yourself and everybody around you!

Here, there are 2 ACTIONS that you can take every day…

Morning Thought

Be Aware – Take Notes

Think about your X-Style as your second skin, like a film, or a membrane, that you put on your body. If you are an artist, you can also imagine to be Michelangelo and visualize yourself combining materials, colors, and accessories like a masterpiece on your body… Be aware of that imperceptible sensation that you feel when you dress anything. Try to notice the variation of your feeling when you dress a certain piece or color, instead of another. Whenever you feel good, confident and attractive, take note and keep building your X-Style around it!


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