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Simple can be harder than complex.

Steve Jobs
Technology GURU, Futurist Billionaire


X-Mind is a mind free of doubt and hesitation. A mind that thinks and performs like it is impossible for you to fail. When you develop your X-Mind, you perform with absolute conviction. You deeply believe that you can achieve anything that your brain can “see”, with adequate perseverance, discipline and hard work, of course

Sun Tzu said: “Victorious warriors win first, and then go to war while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win”. Indeed, any goal is achieved primarily in the Mind before it can be transmuted into reality. With a combination of multi-sensorial visualizations, affirmations, anchors and breathing techniques, you understand in this Sphere:

– the difference between your Logical and Intuitive Minds (conscious and subconscious)
– how to remove negativity and acquire a success mentality
– how to visualize a target internally before it materializes
– the importance of envisioning and experiencing your goals in advance, instead of just wishing and thinking about them as most people do
– what nutrients your brain needs for peak performance

Plasma X-Mind
Your brain operates as a radio station receiving and emanating electromagnetic waves in the form of thoughts and emotions. Depending on how you programme and nurture it, you can greatly influence the quality and intensity of the energy that your brain attracts and radiates. One simple training tip: recognize and reject negative thoughts, beware of negative emotions, replace them with positive ones, at all times… When you assimilate this attitude in your mind-body, you raise the level of your consciousness and performance to a whole new level.

Neuroscience is a vast subject which is not developed fully in this X-Creative. However, when you study the most successful celebrities in the movie, music, sports, fashion and business industries – from Denzel Washington to Shakira, Cristiano Ronaldo, Tom Ford, and Jeff Bezos – you identify practical rituals, habits and routines that they use to magnetize worth ideas, people and circumstances in their lives, and expedite their paths towards success.

Train Your Mind …

Based on extensive celebrity-based research, XZEN teaches you simple technologies to rapidly develop your X-Mind. Here, there are 3 ACTIONS that you can take every day…

Every Morning

Throughout the Day

Take the Distance

Ideally both in the morning and evening – “empty” your brain from useless and negative thoughts. The primary technology to achieve this is the classic Zen Meditation, together with innovative XZEN techniques like “Shhh Meditation” Focus your attention and energy towards positive, constructive, enriching people, thoughts, ideas and emotions. Get used to it, until it becomes your second nature From anybody and anything that you feel puts you off-track from your grandest vision of life. Whatever it is for you…!


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