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X-STYLE: Upgrade Your Style like a Celebrity
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X-Style is your optimal personal image. The way you carry yourself confident, smiling, groomed and well-dressed. When you develop your X-Style, you feel that your clothes and accessories are in total harmony with your personality. As you feel it, also people around you will look at you with increased interest and attention, just like a celebrity of your own.

Angelina Jolie Anne Hathaway
Ralph Lauren Tom Ford
Giorgio Armani Ricky Martin
Martin Scorsese Muhammad Ali


This basic X-Style course offers practical tools and resources to rapidly enhance your personal image and style. A fun mix of videos, tests, links and exercises will let you learn from your favorite celebrities in the movie, music, sports, fashion and business industries. Build your unique personal style and move on the fast track for success.


  1. Increased awareness of the image that you convey to people
  2. Improved personal image and brand based on your unique needs
  3. Knowledge of mindsets and techniques of ultra-successful people
  4. Access to the XZEN Personal Coaching Suite and branding consulting services

Course Content

Total learning: 8 lessons / 6 quizzes Time: 7 days
  • CLASS 01 - TEST YOUR STYLE  X-Style turbo-charges your self-confidence and facilitates your successful human relations. Start this XZEN course with a unique quiz to understand the main features of your personal image. Improve your style daily and equip yourself to achieve your most ambitious goals. 0/3

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  • CLASS 02 - INSPIRING NAILS  This XZEN video-exercise teaches you how to use a basic personal hygiene habit - like cleaning your nails daily - with powerful mental affirmations and visualizations. 0/2

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  • CLASS 03 - LEARN FROM FASHION CELEBRITIES  Celebrities normally carry themselves confident, smiling, groomed and well-dressed. Study and learn from Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford to increase your own confidence, charisma and personal style. 0/4

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  • CLASS 04 - BUILD YOUR UNIQUE STYLE  Giorgio Armani, Ricky Martin and Martin Scorsese are style icons in the fashion, music and movie industries. Try to integrate some of their classy features in your personal style. 0/4

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  • CLASS 05 - ASSESS YOUR X-STYLE   Finish this course with a premium assessment of your own X-Style and get your unique XZEN Certificate of Attendance. Contact an online XZEN coach to project your personal image and branding to new heights. 0/1

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