Unleash Your Inner Celebrity

X-FACTOR: Unleash Your Inner Celebrity
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X-Factor is the highest frequency of your magnetic energy: a state of perfect belief, radiance, empathy, and attraction which is common to many celebrities. When you develop your X-Factor, the right people, ideas and situations gravitate naturally around you to convert your wildest dreams into reality.

Denzel Washington Arnold Schwarzenegger
Gregg Braden Will Smith
Oprah Winfrey Deepak Chopra
Steve Jobs Robin Sharma


Based on the performance of celebrities from the movie, music, sports, fashion and business industries, this XZEN course provides practical tools to rapidly increase your inner aura, magnetism, and power of attraction. Based on basic principles of Quantum Physics, this X-Course let you connect with the stellar energy that most successful people radiate. Through simple videos, tests, links, quizzes and visualization exercises you too can develop such magnetic energy and boost your complete performance. Attune with your “celebrity within” and attract ideas, people and circumstances to propel your success in business and life.


  1. Increased awareness of your aura, magnetism, and power of attraction
  2. Improved energy and ability to attract  powerful ideas, people and money
  3. How celebrities magnetize success
  4. Online Personal Coaching
  5. Connection to the XZEN social media and network of successful people

Course Content

Total learning: 8 lessons / 6 quizzes Time: 7 days
  • CLASS 01 - EXPAND YOURSELF  In this Class, you study how four renown mystic celebrities - Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, Robin Sharma and Gregg Braden - define Spirituality, Happiness and Heart. 0/3

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    • Quiz1.1
  • CLASS 02 - ENERGIZE YOURSELF  In this Class, you perform a premium XZEN video-exercise to quickly activate all your energy centers under the shower. 0/2

    • Lecture2.1
    • Quiz2.1
  • CLASS 03 - UNLEASH YOUR OWN X-FACTOR  Here, you learn how movie star Denzel Washington uses the Law of Attraction. Moreover, you study how 12 past global celebrities have used their X-Factor to change the world, in good or bad. 0/4

    • Lecture3.1
    • Quiz3.1
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    • Quiz3.2
  • CLASS 04 - EMPOWER YOUR MAGNETISM  In this Class, you look at the incredible life journey of movie and sport star Arnold Schwarzenegger. Moreover, you learn from another ultra-charismatic celebrity - Will Smith - the importance of believing in yourself. 0/4

    • Lecture4.1
    • Quiz4.1
    • Lecture4.2
    • Quiz4.2
  • CLASS 05 - TEST YOUR X-FACTOR  Finish this course with a premium assessment of your own X-Factor and get a unique XZEN Certificate of Attendance. Contact an online XZEN coach to expand your energy and personal charisma to new dimensions. 0/1

    • Lecture5.1


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