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X-Self – The SPHERE of Confidence


X-SELF embodies the augmented version of yourself: you behaving with confidence and impact in business and life. It represents the highest level of self-esteem that you could potentially achieve: the finest way you feel, thinks, talks, moves, looks, and perform. In sum, you at your peak.

It is key that you visualize in your mind how your augmented self would look like, and start behaving “as if” you already were that person.

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About the X-Self Book

This book is about your main spiritual skill: CONFIDENCE.

You need the confidence to achieve anything in life, both personally and professionally. It is only deep confidence in your SELF that allows you to be always successful, regardless of your appearance, condition, or circumstance. Confidence allows you to achieve success first internally, and then in the external reality.

In this book, you learn how world-class athletes and other celebrities have achieved ultra-success with this single skill – confidence – combined with ambition, visualization, persistence, and devotion to the perfection of their crafts.

Indeed, to achieve a high level of self-esteem, you must assimilate the key principles of personal achievement, and acquire the mindsets and tools to continuously overcome obstacles, win conflicts, manage emotions, neutralize envies, and enjoy success.


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