X-Factor is the peak frequency of your human energy: a state of confidence, empathy, and attraction that is common to most celebrities and successful people. It can also be defined as charisma, magnetism, and personal aura.

Your X-Factor is the “special attractive something” that makes you UNIQUE! A particular, undefinable trait of your personality that differentiates yourself from the mass.

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About the X-Factor Book

This book is about emotions, charisma and the highest form of human performance. It is about YOU, in relation to OTHERS. It portrays proven strategies, mindsets and tools to enhance the frequency of your X-Factor: that special something that attracts the right ideas, people and situations into your life.

Here, you learn how to use your X-Factor based on the way certain celebrities have achieved stellar success in the Movie, Music, Sports, Fashion and Business industries. In sum, your X-Factor is simply human energy; magnetic verve; aura. As such, you cannot create or destroy it. You can only let it flow through you.

For that, you need to empty your mind from doubt and relax your body. When it occurs, you feel cool; confident; seductive. Others will sense it subliminally too, and gravitate around you naturally. Thus, strong alliances are formed. Deep friendships grow. Loving relations prosper …

This is what the X-Factor Book is about, and what personal success ultimately is.


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